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Mr. Hock-tek Ong


H T Ong is a well-qualified multidisciplinary consultant, experienced quantity surveying and specialises in commercial and contracts management and alternative dispute resolution gained from 18 years of diverse working experience in the construction industry.

Mr. Ong actively promotes VM and its related processes in Malaysia, where he later founded Pro-Value Management (PVM) in 1999. He has since been involved in accredited VM training programmes together with international VM facilitators and later pioneered Value-Managed Quality System (VMQS). He has conducted many public and in-house seminars/talks/workshops for various institutions and companies on areas such as construction contracts management and value management. Currently, he lectures part-time for a masters degree on contracts, procurement, value and risk management, while a pursuing his doctorate by research on value management.

An accredited mediator and panel arbitrator, he is also a Regional Convenor for the Institution of Value Management Australia (IVMA), the Honorary Treasurer of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia and Deputy President of the Chartered Institute Of Building Malaysia.

Mr. Ong is also the Managing Director of Entrusty Group of Companies, a multidisciplinary group providing consultancy, management, advisory and support services in projects, commercial, ontractual, quality and value management and personnel recruitment services.

Value-Managed Quality System (VMQS) - Towards A Value-Added Quality Management System


Ms. Shamsi Baghbannejad Shishenvan


Shamsi Baghannejad Shishevan MA, (International Studies) from University of Connecticut (UCONN) and holder of AVS is with Bahrevarz System Company Tehran, Iran since 1998, she is responsible for the value management program within her company and for client applications. Shamsi recently organized the value methodology training for over 90 person in Tehran. Her continuous endeavor for better introducing the value management captured interests from various business arenas in Iran.

Value Methodology Training and Applications in Iran


Dr. Guiwen Liu


Dr. Guiwen Liu is a lectuer in the Facluty of Construction Management and Real Estate, Chongqing University, China. I obtained his PhD degree in the Department of Building and Real Estate of the
Hong Kong Polytechnic University. At present, he is undertaking two research projects on the application of value management in the construction and real estate industry in China. His research
interests cover the areas of value management, project management, and construction and real estate economics. He has published more than 20 papers related to VM in journals and conference proceedings.

Key Issues to Be Considered for Implementing Value Management in China's Construction Industry


Mrs. Emma Major

United Kingdom

Emma is an experienced civil engineer and project manager with extensive experience delivering value management, risk management, partnering, business review, strategy development and stakeholder consultations. She currently owns and operates her own Value and Risk Management Consultancy.

Emma now specialises in facilitating, consulting and training in value and risk management and to date she has facilitated over two hundred workshop based studies. She has also implemented robust management processes, achieving best value and procedure efficiencies for projects and major client businesses including the UK Highways Agency, Network Rail, London Underground and engineering professional organisations. Additionally she has trained over four hundred project managers in the application of value and risk management on projects.

Emma has previously presented papers on the application of value management; introducing the idea of combining value and risk management. Subsequently, this paper is being published in the UK "Value" magazine and presented to a number of associations and groups.

Value Management and Its Application for Stakeholder Consultation


Dr. Mei-yung Leung

Hong Kong

Dr. Leung has more than ten years of practical/teaching experience in the construction industry/education and has participated in a number of prestigious construction projects in Hong Kong. Since January 1999, she has been teaching at the City University of Hong Kong, involving broad quantity surveying subjects such as measurement, construction economic, quantity surveying practices, building studies, etc. Before joining the University, she was a quantity surveyor within a consulting practice undertaking a variety of construction projects. Dr. Leung is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in the RICS in UK and the HKIS in HK. She received a BSc (Hons) with first class in Quantity Surveying at the University of Wolverhampton in United Kingdom, a Degree in Religions Science (Theology) at the Pontifical Urban University in Rome, and a PhD degree at the University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong. Her current interesting researches cover project management, value management, construction education and the cost estimation in the construction industry. She has attracted more than HK$ 1million in research grants in these two years. All current research projects are being investigated on the basis of a human behavioral paradigm and construction professional knowledge, which will assist and support the construction professionals in the both design and construction stages. Parts of the research were published in the referee international Journals and proceedings.

Antecedents of Affective Commitment in Construction Value Management


Mr. Eric Spain

Hong Kong

Eric Spain's first career was in broadcasting in the UK and Ireland. He lived in Uganda and Singapore for a time and, eventually, settled in Hong Kong in 1973 when he joined the Telecommunications Division of the Post Office. He then spent the next 17 years in various government departments on project design and implementation work. His last post was head of Police Communications. In 1992, started his own consultancy company.

He has a wide range of interests including music, jazz, art, cinema, traditional Chinese medicine, broadcasting in society, man in his environment and processes of creative thinking – and is an expert in none of them.

A more recent interest is in Sustainable Development for the islands of Hong Kong – evoked by Government's mad intention to build a super prison in the middle of everything!

He is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. He is also a member of Project Chambers.

TRIZ: Uncovering Hidden Treasures


Dr. Frederik Pretorius

Hong Kong

Frederik Pretorius is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Real Estate and Construction at The University of Hong Kong, where he lectures real estate finance. He has worked in Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa as academic, professional, in the corporate sector and as consultant, in various activities and industries including building, mining and process engineering, real estate development and regional economic development. He has also participated in the conduct of several value management studies of building and infrastructure projects. Before joining the Department of Real Estate and Construction at the University of Hong Kong, he lectured at the University of Canberra in Australia, and previously at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Pretorius has a Ph.D. from the University of Hong Kong and MBA and BSc (QS) degrees from the University of the Witwatersrand.

Managing Values: Challenge for Public Projects in Hong Kong


Prof. David Stevens


Prof Stevens is generally regarded as one of the world's leading facilitators.

He has carried out over 1000 workshops worldwide and has worked on major projects including hospitals, airports, railways, highways, retail and commercial buildings. Other clients include Department of Defence, Australian State and Local Government Departments, and most divisions of the Hong Kong Government.

His academic qualifications include two Masters degrees and a PhD, (Psychology) as well as a second PhD (Engineering) in progress. Prof Stevens was the Chairman of an Australian Standards Committee for the ANZ standard for value management. He has authored 5 books, one of which was a major text on value management and value engineering.

Prof Stevens has been cited in Barons and also Marquis International Who's Who on numerous occasions, in IBC of Cambridge's Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century, and a listing in the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (10th edition 2002).

Mutating F.A.S.T. Diagrams in Decision Making


Ir. Damien C. C. Ku

Hong Kong

Mr. Damien Ku is an Assistant Director of the Water Supplies Department of Hong Kong. He has been serving in the department for over 35 years and has a wide range of experience in water supply engineering and management, covering from water resources planning to customer services. He is one of the forerunners in the department to use Value Management, and has actively participated in a number of Value Management workshops for the study on alternative water resources, design and construction of water treatment works, rehabilitation of old water mains, etc. He is also the International Vice President of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and has been very active in the water professional field.

Managing Value Management Workshops to Ensure Value for Money for Water Supply Projects


Mr. Axel Peter Ried


Axel Peter Ried studied in Germany, Switzerland and the U.S.A. He obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Applied Psychology. He also holds a Masters Degree of Machine Engineering.

During his early career, he worked as a Director of the Berlitz School of Chicago and as an Assistant VP of the Singer Corporation N.Y. In 1962, he started his technical consulting company, RMM-Ried Management Methods. In 1989, he founded a design and engineering company, Berner + Ried GmbH.

Mr. Ried has introduced Value Management, Value Analysis and Engineering in Europe starting in 1961. Ever since 1976 he has been a certified Value Specialist and Instructor in Germany. He has applied VM/VA/VE in over thousand companies of all branches of industry. Recently Mr. Ried has received a Presidential Award of the SJVE in recognition of his dedicated contribution to the advancement of Value Engineering.

During the past 40 years, RMM has trained about 380.000 managers in VM/VA/VE, and co-ordinated about 8.000 project teams. Besides VM/VA/VE, Mr. Ried also is an expert in TQM and PM.

Mr. Ried has written 15 books on various subjects and has presented numerous papers at international Value Management Conventions in Europe, the US, Japan, India, Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Competitive Advantages with VM by Increasing Quality / Reliability for Aircraft Products And Components


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