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Main Theme

Our conference title "Why reinvent the wheel?” directly relates to the continuing need for improvement in all aspects of what we do. It covers all aspects of organizations, including hard and soft issues, ranging from premises, facilities, designs, systems, production, procurement, supply and delivery, and human resource management. Can we save the time and effort lost in problem solving, firefighting, continual backtracking, especially when there are changes of staff or loss of information and expertise? Human resource, environmental, and financial issues often blur the way forward.

Value management (VM) provides a direct and highly efficient way to solve problems and keep the process on track in a fully encompassing and systematic manner. It is the overall name given to a collection of specific principles, techniques and practices that have been proven effective in maximizing value to those concerned. Key stakeholders are the participants, sharing information, analyzing functions, creatively exploring ideas, judging proposals and developing action plans to meet the agreed objectives in a comprehensive manner under the guidance of an experienced VM facilitator. The process can be applied to almost any subject and almost invariably results in additional benefits to the client. When a tyre becomes soft, the wheel will not work as intended. Sometimes the solution is simple, "add air" but sometimes it is more complex, "change wheel". There are different solutions for each problem and VM is ideal for identifying these, assessing the risks involved and the longer-term consequences of implementation. The conference invites you to open your views and explore the potential of applying VM for your organization or business.


1. Servicing your engine and getting more miles to the gallon

  • Improving the process and product
  • Adding value with value engineering
  • Systematic reviewing for better performance
  • Getting more for less
  • Value management tools and techniques

2. Changing lanes and overtaking the competition

  • Value management for success
  • Change management and re engineering
  • New Value Management directions in business
  • Idea generation and innovative enterprises
  • Global opportunities for value management

3. Planning out your route & ensuring a safe journey

  • Forward planning with strategic value management
  • Value management for transparency and accountability
  • Managing risks and assessing consequences
  • Identifying and solving problems at key stages of product development
  • Partnering and collaboration

4. Dealing with emergencies and breakdowns

  • Consensus Facilitation
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Experiences with difficult clients and workshops
  • How to deliver bad news positively
  • Identifying roadblocks and bottlenecks