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The World of Innovation - Managing Value, Risk & Relationships

“The World of Innovation” has been adopted as the main title because for the first time this year, the highly successful Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM) International Conference extends its remit to the Asia Pacific region and also aims to draw in new industries to participate in what promises to be a major business and educational event. Co-hosted by the Institute of Value Management Australia (IVMA), the Architectural Services Department (ASD) and the City University of Hong Kong (CityU), the Convention invites you to come along and stretch your perceptions and explore the potential of applying Value Management (VM), Risk Management (RM) and Partnering within your organization or business. Our conference covers all aspects of organizations, including hard and soft issues, ranging from premises, facilities, designs, systems, production, procurement, supply and delivery, and human resource management.


This conference aims at providing a timely forum for us to share our experiences and impart our valuable knowledge to different countries and sectors that can benefit from VM. VM provides a direct and highly efficient way to identify risks, solve problems, enhance relationships and keep the process on track in a fully encompassing and systematic manner.


The convention programme will include sessions at which regional and international speakers will present case studies and papers. The sessions will be organized under key themes and sub-themes relating to manufacturing, services, projects, construction and community involvement in the decision making process and using the following methodologies:

Value Management (VM) can be used to provide a direct and highly efficient way to solve problems, ratify solutions and keep business processes on track in a fully encompassing and systematic manner. More than this, it also invariably enables significant cost cutting, whilst at the same time adding value to outcomes as well as expediting processes and has become a highly successful change-management methodology across a wide range of businesses.

Risk Management (RM) is the systematic application of management policies, procedures and practices to the tasks of establishing the context, identifying, analysing, evaluating, treating, monitoring and communicating risk. The HKSAR Government has recommended that all major construction projects should adopt a risk-managed approach as a way to improve budget certainty. Risk management allows both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to be applied to the culture, processes and structures that are directed towards the effective maximization of potential opportunities and minimization of adverse effects.

Relationship Management is a term that covers the diverse range of interactions in practically any management process and one typical example of its use is in project partnering in the construction industry. Partnering is a set of collaborative processes rather than simply a form of relationship; it is a co-operative arrangement between two or more organisations based on mutual objectives and increased efficiency through shared resources, open communications and continuous improvement.


The sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

Promoting and Sustaining VM Globally Across Industries and Nations:

  • Adding Value with VE
  • Idea generation and innovative enterprises
  • Systematic reviewing for better performance
  • Global opportunities for VM

How to integrate your Value, Risk and Relationship Management Strategies:

  • Management risks and assessing consequences
  • Identifying and solving problems
  • Change management and re-engineering
  • Partnering and collaboration

Facilitated Workshop Tips, Techniques and War Stories:

  • VM tools and techniques
  • Consensus Facilitation
  • How to deliver bad news positively
  • VM for success

Training and Education in Value and Risk Management:

  • VM education in university
  • VM training in the industry
  • International VM qualification