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The 9th International Value Management Conference
- Achieving Sustainable Values through Collaboration

International Value Management Conference is a biennial event organized by the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM). Over the past 13 years, the HKIVM has successfully organised a total 8 international VM conferences which attracted over 200 overseas prestige VM experts from 18 countries. These conferences provide opportunity for these experts to share their valuable knowledge and tremendous experience with local professionals. We are also delighted to announce that we have successfully recruited a group of professionals from Australia, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA to form an international scientific committee.

Organizer & Co-Organizer
Organizer: The Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Established in 1995, the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management (HKIVM) is a non-profit making organization dedicated to the promotion of the use of Value Management in Hong Kong.

Co-organizer: Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Building and Real Estate (BRE) Department is one of the oldest departments in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It has been producing graduates for the construction, real estate, and related industries for over 60 years.

With the global urge to attend to the need of sustainable development through partnering approach, this year’s conference main theme sets the framework to explore the topic of “Achieving sustainable values through collaboration.” It covers all aspects of organizations, including hard and soft issues, ranging from premises, facilities, designs, systems, production, procurement, supply and delivery, and human resource management.

Conference sub-themes include:

How can VM assist in the definition of sustainability?

  • Help with the strategic directions for projects, companies and businesses
  • Achieve sustainable value globally across industries and nations
How can VM unlock difficulties for sustainable issues where major conflicts of stakeholders aries?
  • Involve infrastructure development verses public concerns
  • Involve green groups, heritage issues, blending the old with the new
How can VM assist building relationship and business partners?
  • Soft issue such as partnering collaboration and lasting relationship
  • Other issue such as facilitation and participation
How does VM use collaboration and consensus to achieve better outcomes?
  • Involve VM tools and techniques
  • Take strategic directions aim to the “how to” detail implementation plans
How sustainable is VM?
  • Cover history, education, training and qualification
  • Involve what other VM institutes do to bridge the gap and provide a way forward for VM
Other topics & real-life examples related to VM