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Prof. Geoffrey Shen

Dear Speakers and Guests, It is my great honour and pleasure to welcome you all to this major international event in Hong Kong.

Following the success of our previous eight international conferences spread over the last decade, you are now attending the Ninth International Value Management Conference from 29th October to 1st November 2008, jointly hosted by the Hong Kong Institute of Value Management and the Department of Building and Real Estate of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Achieving Sustainable Values through Collaboration”. This topic attracts attention from all industries worldwide and the construction industry is of no exception. The conference will provide a valuable opportunity for all of you to exchange views and experiences, and to explore possible collaborations in the future.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all members of the Organising Committee and the volunteers for the excellent job they have done and their hard work in organising this major event.

Last but not least, I wish all of you a fruitful and pleasant participation at the conference in Hong Kong.

Professor Geoffrey Q.P. Shen, PhD, CVS, VMF (List A) President of Hong Kong Institute of Value Management Head of Department of Building and Real Estate, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University