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 A sustainable whole life value agenda


Community engagement in public housing development

Ada Fung Yin-suen

The world weather information service: winning through International Collaboration

M C Wong



 Theme 1: How can VM assist in the definition of sustainability?

Value analysis - an approach to sustainability


Collaborating to deliver better value capital projects

Henry Gough

From value management to value assurance

Martyn R. Phillips

Sustainable values in construction projects through waste management plan: private and public organizations’ perspectives

Olatunji J. OLADIRAN


Theme 2: How can VM assist building relationship and business partners

Systematic win-win problem solving in a stakeholder-conflict business environment

Eric Spain

Total value management in modern manufacturing industry

Naijing Wang

Good relationships, better networks and best value

Mohan Kumaraswam

Theme 3: Other topics & real-life examples related to VM?

Value Management for personal sustainability

Anthony. R. Wilson

Behavioral economics analysis on developer’s attitude to construction claims

Takashi KANETA

Two IFC and four seasons hotel

David Yau

The use of value management in Hong Kong Housing Society

Francis H.Y. Law


Theme 4: How does VM use collaboration and consensus to achieve better outcomes?

Function enhancement evaluation of VE proposal by function classification

Jonghyeob Kim

Applying value analysis techniques to optimise the selection of project requirements in construction briefing

Jacky K.H. Chung

Why collaborate? the “why’s and how’s” of collaboration

Roy Barton

The contribution of value management to developing collaborative working relationships

Joe W.W. Zou


Theme 5:How sustainable is VM?

Teaching value management in an undergraduate surveying program

Ann T.W. Yu

Identifying key competencies of vm facilitiators based on international standards

Mei-yung Leung

A recommendation system for using functional performance specification in construction briefing

Xiaochun LUO

A life cycle value assessment framework for construction and development


Functional Analysis as a design tool for regional innovation systems in the European Union

Juan Manuel Gonzalez Ramirez

Benefits of applying value engineering to infrastructure projects in Hong Kong

Alan W.L. Iu

 Value engineering and value management: case study of an airshow exhibition centre

Low Sui Phenge