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The Tony Toy Memorial Award is established to acknowledge and remember the outstanding services and commitment of our founding president Mr. Tony Toy to this Institute. This award, to be presented at each International Conference of the Hong Kong Institute of Value management, is open to students of any discipline based on the quality of research projects / dissertations relating to value management.

We would like to invite you to nominate potential research projects/dissertations relating to value management for the award program.

About the Award:

  • The research projects/dissertations should have been accepted as part of any recognized degree of study (Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma, Master or Doctorate) in Hong Kong and China within two years.
  • The research projects/dissertations should be authentic, original and have neither been published nor under consideration for publication.
  • The awards will be based on the quality of the research projects/dissertations submitted to the Award Assessment Committee.
  • Two separate sets of awards will be arranged for students from Hong Kong and China.
  • A maximum of six awards will be granted at IVMC08 in accordance with the following categories:
Award Category
Hong Kong
Memorial Award
1 person @ HK$5,000
1 person @ HK$5,000
Distinction Award
1 person @ HK$2,000
1 person @ HK$2,000
Merit Award
1 person @ HK$1,000
1 person @ HK$1,000
  • The Memorial award recipients in both locations will be invited and sponsored (up to HK$4,000 to cover traveling and registration expenses) to present their papers at IVMC08 organized by HKIVM.
  • The submission of the paper to the IVMC08 and presentations must be in English and with full acknowledgments.
  • HKIVM reserves the right to review each year at the AGM and to agree on the level of the award for the following International Conference.

Nomination Procedure:
Please kindly send thesis draft and contact information to Mr. Ivan Y.L. Au, Coordinator of Tony Toy Memorial Award 2008, at ivan@hkivm.org on or before 30 September 2008.